FCP Meetings

We hold three public meetings per year in February, June and October – one Annual General Meeting (AGM) plus two Members meetings.

In order to progress FCP matters in between the public meetings we also hold six Committee meetings per year.

Other Meetings

As well as our own meetings, we also attend other meetings to raise and get feedback on issues affecting Clarendon Park.

We attend Ward Community meetings organised by Castle Ward Councillors three times a year.

The University of Leicester organises three Community Liaison meetings per year which we also attend.

Planning, Licensing and Consultations

A key part of what we do is to monitor planning and licensing applications plus any consultations that are relevant to Clarendon Park, then flag these up to our members and the wider community.

We check planning applications, licensing applications and public consultations on a weekly basis to identify those relevant to Clarendon Park, and make representations where apropriate.


Each year, the University of Leicester sends its Good Neighbours leflets to all the homes in Clarendon Park.

Since 2012 the Clarendon Park Outreach Project has been visiting all the student houses in Clarendon Park offering advice and guidance on integrating into the neighbourhood.

FCP supports both these projects by delivering ‘Welcome’ and ‘Farewell’ letters to all the student houses in Clarendon Park.


Although we don’t run any campaigns ourselves, we can and do provide advice and technical support to other members of the Clarendon Park community who want to do so.

Friends of Victoria Park

Victoria Park is the main green space used by people in Clarendon Park, and since 2019 we have been collaborating closely with Friends of Victoria Park, holding joint public meetings and committee meetings.