The FCP constitution was adopted at a meeting on 6th October 2014 by its four founder members: Mags Lewis, Melissa March, Bart MacCarthy and Ian Brown. You can read the full constitution here, but the key points are summarised below.


FCP was founded with four main objectives in mind:

  • to promote the Clarendon Park area of Leicester City
  • to foster community spirit amongst those loving here
  • to support independent local trade, other community groups and artists
  • to encourage participation in a more cohesive community


Full (voting) membership is open to anyone over the age of 18, but an associate (non-voting) membership is available to under 18s.

Annual General Meeting

We hold an AGM each year where, amongst other things, we:

  • report on the previous year’s activities
  • present the financial accounts for auditing
  • elect members to the committee for the next year


The committee comprises at least three and no more than five members who are not related and reside within Clarendon Park. Of these, one acts as Chair, one as Secretary and one as Treasurer, with any additional committee members being referred to as Trustees.